Another 10 reasons to visit Romania

You have many reasons to visit Romania. Food, museum, nature, music etc. If travelling was free, now I would be in Făgăraș. I don’t say  – Romania it’s the best to visit, but Lonley Planet says that Transylvania is the best region to visit in 2016. I’m just saying.

Now I present another 10 reasons to visit Romania and you decide if it’s the best or not. But I think you will say: „It’s the best!”

  1. If you want to travel in Middle Ages Sighișoara is one of the best medieval cities of Europe. Charm and historical value of many buildings and streets of the city led to their inclusion in UNESCO. You can visit: Tower Clock, Vlad Dracul’s House and many others places.


2. Route 66 in Romania. Transfăgărășean it’s one of the best roads from Romania. Has many tunnels and tourism has been developed very good. You can visist Vidraru Lake, Balea Lake and the new station – Molivisu.


3. If you are a princess/prince and you don’t have a castle I recommend you Peleș Castle. Has a beautiful arhitecture in german neo-renaissance style. You cand admire a great collection of picture, furniture, sculptures and the list it’s long.

download (1).jpg

4. Colibița Lake. Every year, more and more people visit Colibița Lake for beautiful wild. Here you the mountain and sea. You can discover many legends of Colibița. The lake has healing properties.


5. Bigăr Falls. It’s a beautiful creation of nature. You can find it in Caraș-Severin. The World Geography(link) put Bigăr Falls in top 8 unique waterfalls around the world, leading the way.


6. Visit European Capital of Culture 2007 – Sibiu. It has a great 900 years history. Every year many festivals helds in Sibiu: culture, music, food and so on.


7. Decebal statue. It’s the biggest rock statue  from Europe. It is just one of the sights of the Danube Gorge, but quickly became the most important and most visited both Romanian tourists and the foreign ones. This is the place that marks the farthest points of the past Romanian through a special sculpture in a natural landscape downright charming.


8. Ciocănești Village. I don’t know if many people heard some information about this village but it’s famous for his painted house. You can find this village in Suceava. It was declarate common museum since 2004. In Lent, and a festival of painted eggs, home to a museum common theme. In addition, the village has earned the title of „cultural village of Romania” in 2014 and 2016.


9. Roumanian Sfinx and Babele. Sphinx origin of the name similarity is selling due to the un human head, specifically with Egyptian Sphinx. Stone mushrooms called Babele are located near Sfinx. Both are a beautiful creation. Legends said that this wonders are natural but some voice say that man has contributed to their.


10. Alba Carolina from Alba Iulia – the city where in 1st December 1918 was the Great Union of Romania. Discover  the mysteries of Alba Carolina Citadel, the largest fortress Vauban in Souheastern Europe. 


This aren’t all best place to visit in Romania but it must to be in your travel list. Discover Romania, it’s WONDERFULL!!!


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